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Nuclear Structure
Nuclear Scattering
Nuclear Analytical Techniques
Nuclear Analytical Methods
High Energy and Particle Physics
Nuclear Energy Strategy and Policy
Medical and Health Physics
Nuclear Models
Nuclear Reactions
Radiation Measurements and Dosimeters
Nuclear Application  in Life Science
Accelerator Physics
Other related topics
1-3 September 2016
Sivas, Turkey
Registration deadline
26 August 2016
Early Registration deadline
24 July 2016
Abstract Submissions deadline
10 August 2016
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Serkan Akkoyun
Mobile: +90 505 710 1354  Fax: +90 346 219 1186
Cumhuriyet Üniversitesi Fen Fakültesi Fizik Bölümü, 58140 Sivas, Turkey
Registration Opened
We have booked for all of our guest in Cumhuriyet University Guest House from 31 August to 4 September.

Our Invited speakers will also stay here.

Cumhuriyet University Guest House

Transportation to the Guest House

From Airport to City Center

There are Shuttles and Busses from Sivas Nuri Demirag Airport to the city center.

From City Center to Campus (Cumhuriyet University Guest House)

You can use the city busses or taxi. (The distance about 6-7 km.)

The Turkish name of the Guest House is

"Cumhuriyet Universitesi Konukevi"

Please specify this to the taxi driver.

The map of the Guest house

Transportation to the Conference Hall

Transportation to the Hall is same to the transportation to the Guest House.

Conference Hall is in Cumhuriyet University Campus close to the Guest House.

The Turkish name of the Hall is

"Cumhuriyet Universitesi Kultur Merkezi"

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